The Obama Administration’s Continuing Ban on Offshore Energy and Jobs Oil

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It’s easy to see why the economy has faltered over the past two years. The Obama administration appears to be allergic to the production of affordable domestic energy and the good paying American jobs that go along with it.

Yesterday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the government was continuing the ban on offshore energy. That should come as no surprise, given this administration’s poor record on promoting affordable domestic energy.

In addition, the President’s deficit commission is proposing to double the gas tax to generate revenues. Granted it is unlikely the new Congress will approve such a radical tax increase, this is still cause for concern and we will be monitoring it.

These decisions have but one inevitable outcome:  higher energy prices.

The economics of energy are simple: the more energy costs us, the less work we can do.  Every drop of oil we put off-limits here we have to get from foreign countries, some with unstable regimes. The more energy we buy from abroad, the fewer jobs we create here in America.

We are collecting your comments and delivering them to the White House and the new leaders on Capitol Hill.  Tell us what you think about policies that restrict our energy supplies by leaving a comment below.

Tom Pyle
  • Anonymous

    This great country was built on hard work and the availability of all our natural resources. We need to drill for oil, off-shore, and Alaska. Have any of our politicians in Washington checked out ANWR Alaska. The area is rich with oil, relatively fast to drill and connect to the Alaska pipeline. ANWR is frozen over for seven months, and in total darkness for three months. The ideal place to drill without any harm to wildlife, or the environment.

  • ParentwithSense

    According to Duke Energy, the charging requirements for each electric car (assuming 12,000 miles driving per year) equates to the power consumption of two suburban homes. As we rush headlong into green energy. We had best keep in mind that our infrastructure is already overburdened. In a down economy, with GDP in decline, is not the time to increase spending on non-revenue activity. We need domestic fuels as we develop altenatives that actually contribute to the grid, which is clean coal, natural gas and nuclear. Solar is fine for spot power application and Wind is already proving a contributor in Texas, but it does not power our transportation grid, it does not support our need for articificial fibers and materials which is what everything not made of wood or cloth is created from. Obama has in effect destroyed more than 300,000 jobs on the Gulf Coast (without just cause – the last domestic spill in Santa Barbara occured when rotary dial telephones were advanced technology). He has expanded our energy trade deficit (with increased buying of foreign oil) and shorted American entreprenuership with the rejection of American companies by granting DOE grants in the billions to foreign companies to “develop” or manufacture at taxpayer subsidized expense, “green” technology. Obama in his headlong dash for global justice is destroying the ability of America to resecure its future.

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  • Anonymous

    We should be doing everything we can and all at once to persue domestic energy production. Drill here, drill now, drill everywhere. Don’t forget nuclear, solar and wind, but oil and coal make the world work now. We no longer want to depend on any other country for our energy.