• In the Fiscal Year 2012, over $1 billion was spent on the energy investment tax credit.
  • The federal government has spent over $27 billion in recent years on renewable tax subsidies.
  • For Fiscal Years 2009-2012, renewables alone accounted for 50% of total tax subsidies for energy, but produced only 12% of the nation’s total electricity.
  • Did you know Washington has wasted nearly $5 million by giving Macy's department store grants for solar power?
  • Hoku Solar Power I, LLC, a company that recently filed for bankruptcy, was given over 2 million dollars in grant money.

Obama Admin’s Destructive Policies: First Coal, then Nuclear; Now Wood Analysis Nuclear

wood pic

Just as the Energy Information Administration (EIA) is telling us that more people are relying on wood for home heating, the President’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is introducing new regulations to dampen its use. The Obama administration claims it wants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to support renewables, but it appears that the only renewable energy sources they actually support are wind and solar.

Unlike biomass (a fancy name …

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New IPCC Report Unwittingly Shows Weakness of Alarmist Camp Analysis


On March 31 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the tentative draft of its Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) for Working Group II, which studies the impacts of climate change under various possible scenarios, including actions by governments. (In contrast, the report from Working Group I—which was released in the fall of 2013—studied the physical science underlying projections of climate change.) Although the top brass at the …

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IER Comment on the Social Cost of Carbon, Part II Analysis

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The Institute for Energy Research (IER) has formally submitted its Comment to the Office of Management and Budget on the Obama Administration’s use of the “social cost of carbon” as an input for federal regulatory action. This is a crucial topic that may significantly influence energy policy. Those who want the full details should click the link and read our full Comment, but in two posts here I am walking …

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Is the U.S. Falling Behind in the Nuclear Energy Race? Analysis Nuclear


The United States is being left behind in the global quest for nuclear energy. While the United States has retired 4 nuclear reactors recently, plans to decommission several others, and is building only a few new reactors supported by DOE loan guarantees, the world is building lots of reactors, mostly with Russian technology. According to the Energy Information Administration, total world nuclear capacity is expected to double from an estimated …

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