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Germany’s Green Energy Failure Analysis Wind


WASHINGTON – The Institute for Energy Research today released the first entry in a new series of case studies on Europe’s green energy programs. For years, some policymakers have pointed to Europe as an exemplar of good energy policy, arguing that the U.S. should subsidize renewables through programs like the wind production tax credit or green energy mandates. Now that Europe’s green energy policies have been in place for years, …

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SCOTUS Sides with Big Government Coal Coal

Supreme Court
“It is becoming clear that the Justices are now becoming part of the Washington elite, which accepts power in the hands of the government as the coin of the realm. It is too bad they condone taking those coins from the hands of working men and women who can ill afford them.” -Daniel Kish

WASHINGTON — IER released today the following statement from Senior Vice President Daniel Kish after the …

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Fraudster’s Legacy Guides EPA Agenda EPA


WASHINGTON — IER President Thomas Pyle released the following statement after Senate Environment and Public Works Republicans released a new report on EPA fraudster John Beale:

“The EPW Committee report shines a spotlight squarely where it belongs. John Beale was not just some run-of the mill EPA worker who ripped off the government and whose antics became the butt of jokes in the late night circuit. Beale helped transform the

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