200 Years of Oil Supply: IER’s Dan Kish Talks Energy Future on FOX NEWS Oil

Posted March 21, 2012 | folder icon Print this page

WASHINGTON D.C. — Tonight on FOX News, IER’s Dan Kish dispelled President Obama’s oft-repeated false energy claim that the United States only has 2 percent of the world’s oil.  ”In truth, we have enough supply for the next 200 years,” Kish told FOX News National Correspondent Jim Angle.

To watch the entire segment. click below:

  • foxnewslieseveryday

    Let’s make sure we Nationalize tha 200 yrs. of Oil.
    Don’t let the Unpatriotic MultiNationals steal it for next to nothing and profit on the world market.
    You think they will sell it in the USA at a discount?
    Why do some Americans Defend multinationals that have Zero loyalty to the USA?