Big Green, Inc. is a project of the Institute for Energy Research that demonstrates money’s influence on energy policy in the United States. The map highlights a group of foundations that spend billions of dollars supporting aggressive climate litigation, the promotion of uneconomic renewable energy sources, and overburdening regulations.

Big Green, Inc. Latest Analysis

    April 2024

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    February 2023

    Biden Administration Blocks Development of Alaska’s Pebble Mine

    January 2023

    Biden Administration Blocks Minnesota’s Twin Metals Mine

    May 2022

    A Solar Microgrid Failure in India

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    Grant Makers

    Big Green Inc. was updated in July of 2020 to include information from the most recent tax documents of the grantmaking foundations. The database now includes grants made by these organizations in 2017.

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    The data for this project was collected from publicly available federal 990 tax returns.

    The grants listed in the database are organized in the following categories based on the description provided on the entity's tax return froms:



    Oil and Gas

    Climate Change




    General Operations

    Public Engagement

    Political Activism




    Questions or corrections regarding the data should be directed to [email protected]

    Data Sources, Disclosures, and Disclaimers

    Institute for Energy Research holds its academic standards to the highest degree. In order to ensure transparency with the information collected for Big Green Inc., we have included the following disclaimer: