Plugged In Podcast

Straight from the policy team at IER comes Plugged In, podcast dedicated to exploring energy-related topics through a free market perspective. Plugged In seeks to break down complex issues facing the energy sector with the help of IER’s talented scholars as well as voices from outside the organization who share unique insights into hot button issues impacting energy consumers and producers alike. Plugged In is available on all your favorite platforms including Sound CloudiTunesYouTubeStitcher, and TuneIn.  Click here to subscribe to the channel.

    #15: Marian Tupy, of the Cato Institute, on human progress and the Simon Abundance Index

    #14: IER’s Hunter Pearl on wildlife management reforms

    #13: IER staff on the yellow vest protests in France

    #12: Stephen Moore on trade, energy, and his new book Trumponomics

    #11: Colin Grabow, of the Cato Institute, on the Jones Act and energy

    #10: Don Watkins, of the Center for Industrial Progress, on energy, culture, and human flourishing