Mary J Hutzler

Distinguished Senior Fellow
Mary J. Hutzler is a Senior Fellow at IER. Until she left Government in 2006, she was a top energy analyst for the U.S. Government, having spent more than 25 years at the Energy Information Administration (EIA), where she specialized in data collection, analysis, and forecasting.

Beginning in 2004, Hutzler worked as the Associate Director of Statistical Programs at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), serving 14 months as the Associate Director and 6 months as the Acting Director of BTS. In the latter job, Hutzler ran the bureau’s daily operations, briefed Administration officials and Congressional staff, and managed BTS’s data and analysis programs. As Associate Director, Hutzler managed large-scale freight and travel surveys and all analytical research, including new statistical methods and estimation of transportation data.

In 2001, Hutzler was named by President Bush to lead the EIA as Acting Administrator. In this role, she testified before Congressional committees, briefed policymakers on energy issues, held press conferences on EIA products, and interacted with energy organizations on controversial issues dealing with EIA data collections. In recognition of her achievements, Hutzler received a 2004 Presidential Rank Award, an honor by which the president “recognizes and celebrates a small group of career senior executives.”

Before and after her stint as the acting administrator and deputy administrator of EIA, which lasted from June 2001 to March 2003, Hutzler was director of the EIA’s Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting. As such, she planned, directed, and managed all mid- and long-term analysis and forecasting at EIA, as well as the production of EIA’s annual forecasting publications. Hutzler oversaw development of the National Energy Modeling System, for which she received a Presidential Rank Award in 1999. She also produced numerous studies for both Congress and the Administration on various key topics, such as the Kyoto Protocol, low-sulfur diesel rules, the depletion of oil and gas reserves, and Renewable Portfolio Standards.

Hutzler received her B.A. in mathematics from Adelphi University, her M.A. in applied mathematics from the University of Maryland, and completed her course work and exams for a D.Sc. in operations research at George Washington University.

Areas of expertise: Resources, The Electricity Sector