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We recently looked at concerns being expressed over the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and how heavy of a hand they may be applying to regulations covering new hydrogen pipelines. But they’ve been tampering with a lot more than just hydrogen infrastructure development. Problems have arisen when it comes to pipelines for oil and natural gas as well. The supposedly independent regulatory agency seems to have conveniently taken the side of Joe Biden’s climate agenda on many occasions and they have been acting in a secretive manner when asked to share the data they use to arrive at their regulatory decisions. The Institute for Energy Research (IER) has encountered many of these frustrations when attempting to file Freedom of Information Act requests with the FERC and now they have apparently had enough of it. The IER filed a lawsuit this week demanding to know the extent of the Biden administration’s involvement in reshaping FERC regulatory policies. (IER)


You can read the full details of IER’s actions at the link, but a short overview shows there is plenty of reason for them to have some complaints. The supposedly independent commission hasn’t exactly been a beacon of government transparency when it comes to regulating pipelines and other energy infrastructure for quite some time. This actually dates back to the Obama era, but the issue has become more complicated since Joe Biden took office.


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Read documents uncovered by IER’s FOIA lawsuits against FERC here.

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