New Report Examines the Threats Posed by ‘Keep it in the Ground‘ Policies

WASHINGTON – Today the Institute for Energy Research released a new report titled, “Exploring the Dangers of the Keep it in the Ground Campaign.” This analysis details the current and future threats posed by the efforts to keep our vast energy resources under lock and key—known as the keep it in the ground campaign.

In the report, IER breaks down the threats into five categories:

  • Keep it in the ground policies trade what works for what doesn’t
  • The keep it in the ground campaign hurts our economy
  • The keep it in the ground campaign imperils our health and well-being
  • The keep it in the ground campaign threatens our national security
  • Keep it in the ground policies are already underway, and more threats are on the horizon

“If continued, the keep it in the ground campaign will have severe and long lasting impacts on our country,” IER states in the report.

“Cutting off access to the very resources that power our economy will not only raise energy costs, but also the costs of everyday products that make modern life possible for American families. This will lower the quality of life for every American—especially the poor and middle class, who can least afford these higher costs. The keep it in the ground campaign also paints a grim picture for future generations who would suffer from a struggling economy and a lack of opportunity as a result of these policies.”

Click here to read the full report.


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