WASHINGTON D.C. — The Institute for Energy Research study, entitled “Beyond the Congressional Budget Office”received more recognition today from influential Congressional leaders. The study, conducted by Dr. Joseph Mason, a professor at the Louisiana State University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, is an assessment of the economic impact associated with policies to immediately open federal lands and waters.

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (WY)
Chairman, Senate Republican Policy Committee

“For the past four years, this Administration has used almost every excuse in the book to block responsible energy production on federal public lands. As this report confirms, increasing energy production on federal public lands is a win-win for our economy and American taxpayers.  It’s a much more effective way to generate revenue than raising taxes on Americans families and businesses. It’s time for the Administration to finally acknowledge that we can responsibly open access to our public lands, create jobs, and strengthen our nation’s energy security.”

U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa (CA)
Chairman, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

“I welcome the analysis done by the Institute for Energy Research as it explains the potential of American energy sources to grow our economy. The report, “Beyond the Congressional Budget Office: The Additional Economic Effects of Immediately Opening Federal Lands to Oil and Gas Leasing,” offers an effective analysis of how opening up federal lands for energy development will ensure that Americans receive the full benefit of these resources through increases in jobs, wages, and tax revenue.

“Instead of wasting the money of hardworking taxpayers on technologies that have yet to prove themselves, Congress must consider a different path for our economy. This new report adds to arguments for achieving economic goals through a smarter energy policy.”

U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (ID)
Ranking Member, Senate Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife

“One of Congress’ main priorities should be addressing our nation’s massive debt problem, and this study shows commonsense policies that could contribute significantly to deficit reduction.

“A successful national energy policy should be shaped like a financial portfolio made up of many different energy sources. This study demonstrates that expanding our domestic energy sources could immediately create millions of jobs and generate billions in revenue to reduce our federal debt, while also furthering our energy independence. Utilizing our diverse resources is central to energy affordability, economic recovery and national security. If the administration is truly committed to identifying and overturning burdensome, unnecessary regulations that stymie economic growth, this study shows a good place to begin.”

U.S. Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO)
Chairman, House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources

“I intend to continue to push an aggressive legislative agenda in this Congress to open up America’s vast energy resources on our federal lands. This report should be required reading at the Obama White House. According to the study, if the Obama administration were to simply open up federal lands currently closed to energy production, it would jump start the economy.

“This economy could use the boost. Millions of American families are barely making it each month as they struggle with high taxes, high gasoline prices, and high unemployment. We can do better, and boosting domestic energy is a great place to get started.”

U.S. Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS)
Member, House Committee on Energy and Commerce

“While the president insists we need to waste billions of taxpayer dollars propping up risky and unreliable energy sources, we already have vast resources available to us. Our GDP just shrank, yet, according to IER’s study we could easily replenish it by committing to expand exploration on federal lands. Unemployment ticked up, yet we have the opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. The White House must stop neglecting the needs of Americans and allow our economy to grow.”


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