Washington, DC – In response to today’s announcement on the new Obama drilling moratorium, Institute for Energy Research Senior Vice President Daniel V. Kish released the following statement:

“This moratorium is nothing but a kick in the face to the hardworking men and women who have lost—and will continue to lose—their jobs as a result of this Administration’s politically motivated actions. A federal court and an appeals court ruled the first moratorium was illegal, in large part because the Administration overrode the advice of engineers and experts with a political decision. In addition to politicizing science, the Obama Administration is putting the wishes of anti-energy special interest groups ahead of the American people. Americans will now undoubtedly face higher prices at the pump, more job losses and even more uncertainty each day energy exploration is banned in the Gulf of Mexico.

“In addition, this new moratorium will force Americans to purchase more oil from unfriendly nations—compounding an economic disaster with potential national security concerns—despite the fact that America has a plentiful supply of job-creating, energy stimulating energy resources right here at home. Unfortunately, these resources are now off limits as a result of this politically driven ban on domestic energy exploration. ”


July 12, 2010
Laura Henderson, 202.621.2951

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