Below are statistics compiled from the Minerals Management Service (06/11/2008) that outline the activity for the 2007-2012 5-year leasing program.

Federal Offshore Leasing

Total US OCS acres: 1,762,510,000

Which is comprised of:

Alaskan OCS acres: 1,084,780,000
Lower 48 OCS acres: 677,730,000

Quantities for the 2007-2012 Leasing Program

Total acres available for lease in 5-year program: 178,490,000

Lower 48 OCS acres available under the 5-year program: 93,720,000
Percentage of Lower 48 acres available under 5-year for leasing: 13.83%
Congressional Moratoria/Presidential Withdrawal (acres): 574,270,000
Percentage of Lower 48 under moratoria/withdrawal: 84.73

Current Lease Data

Total OCS acres currently under lease: 41,000,000
Percentage of total OCS under lease: 2.33%
Percentage of acreage available under 5-year program: 22.97%

Acres producing: 8,123,000
Percentage of total OCS producing: 0.46%
Percentage of acreage available under 5-year program producing: 4.55%

2.9 million acres offshore of Virginia are included in the 5-year program but are under Congressional moratoria and Presidential Withdrawal.

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