The Department of Energy’s Natural Gas Subcommittee has released a draft report of their findings on shale gas and hydraulic fracturing.  Unsurprisingly, the committee found that there are numerous ways that the federal government can insert itself into the process.

Americans should pause before accepting the federal government’s offer to help regulate an industry.  Areas of the country that are subject to federal regulations – such as the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska– have been devastated by a deliberate slowdown in the permitting process.  Meanwhile, energy production on state and private lands, where the federal government cannot yet interfere, is booming and creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Even though the committee didn’t point to any problems, they came up with a solution: more government intervention.  Asking government types whether they think there is a problem that ought to be solved with more government is like asking a Frat party if they’d like another keg of beer – they just can’t help themselves.

How about a new idea for Washington types – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  We’re broke, and the government can’t organize a successful one car funeral.  States have done an exemplary job of regulating hydraulic fracturing.  Let them continue doing their good work.  And let America’s energy flow, like it should.

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