With all of the news about the inauguration of President Obama, you probably missed a very good piece of energy news—the Department of Interior is working to allow 31 lease sales in 12 planning areas offshore. This is the first time in over 25 years that many of these areas will be opened for energy development. Your efforts were instrumental in pushing the Federal government to open up more areas for energy exploration!

Last summer IER was the first group to call on President Bush to end the moratorium on offshore energy exploration and development. IER’s efforts, the high price of oil, coupled with the will of the American people led President Bush to tear up the moratorium on offshore energy development and start the process for increased energy access.

After Bush’s actions, the drop in oil prices was immediate and dramatic. The Bush Administration put out the proposed rule and over 30,000 people used IER’s website to send comments to the Administration in favor of increased energy development. Your comments gave the Administration the support it needed to propose the new plan for offshore energy exploration.

Unlike many of the economic “stimulus” proposals being considered by Washington politicians, energy jobs are real jobs. Responsibly developing America’s abundant but off-limits domestic energy supply would create 160,000 new jobs alone, generating $1.7 trillion for local, state and federal tax revenue, and providing a major shot in the arm to a flagging national economy.

But the Obama Administration does not necessarily have to allow increased access to America’s vast domestic energy resources. Supporters of President Obama are already lining up against increased domestic energy access. Environmental groups have already sued to stop energy exploration in the Atlantic.

President Obama in his inaugural address stated that “We will not apologize for our way of life.” We completely agree. We hope President Obama will fully embrace American energy, produced by Americans, for Americans. Many of his supporters will continue to oppose the use of America’s energy resources, but as Obama noted in his inaugural address, “the time has come to set aside childish things.”

If you support increased domestic energy production, please click here and send a message to the Administration that you support America and America’s energy resources.

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