WASHINGTON DC (05/14/2024) – The Institute for Energy Research has released the 2024 North American Energy Inventory, which provides an overview of North America’s coal, oil, and natural gas resources.

Key Facts and Figures:

Thomas Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research, issued the following statement along with the new report:

Praise for the 2024 North American Energy Inventory:

“America has abundant energy resources. We can produce energy cleaner, faster, and more reliably than the rest of the world. Today’s report from the Institute for Energy Research proves just that. We cannot continue to let corrupt countries like Russia, Iran, and China supply our energy and mineral resources. President Biden needs to be focused on unleashing American energy instead of surrendering one of our nation’s biggest economic and geopolitical advantages.”

-Sen. John Barrasso (WY)

“The United States is home to a diverse and reliable energy portfolio with an abundance of natural resources right at our doorstep, and with the proper investment, we can once again be at the forefront of domestic energy production and innovation.  However, the Biden Administration continues to hamstring domestic energy production in favor of draconian ‘green’ policy decisions through harmful executive actions. The United States produces energy cleaner, safer, and more efficiently than anywhere else in the world, so increasing our reliance on foreign adversarial nations to meet our needs is not only the wrong step for our energy goals but also hypocritical. As Chairman of the Western Caucus, I am committed to continuing to fight for common-sense, all-of-the-above energy solutions, and urge the president to reflect on his recent decisions and swiftly change course to ensure an energy-independent future—for the sake of our national security.”

-Rep. Dan Newhouse (WA)

“It’s abundantly clear—America has the domestic resources it needs to power the 21st Century economy, both here and abroad. Today’s release of the North American Energy Inventory proves that rather than relying on adversarial nations like Iran, Russia, and China for our energy and mineral resources, the solution is right here at home. As Chairman of the House Natural Resources Energy and Mineral Resources Subcommittee, I’m committed to advancing policies that enable the United States to develop our great natural resources in an ethical and responsible way.”

-Rep. Pete Stauber (MN)

“Access to affordable and reliable energy is at the core of our freedom. However, there are political forces that see abundant access to energy as a threat. Look no further than today’s debates, where activists and bureaucrats want to dictate the appliances we use and the vehicles we drive. The new study from the Institute for Energy Research demonstrates that despite the left’s best effort to stall our energy production, our great energy companies are capitalizing on the tremendous opportunity to develop our oil, natural gas, and coal resources, and provide Americans with desperately needed affordable energy.”

– Steve Moore, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

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