IER Legacy Society – Energy For The Future

Welcome, to your Institute for Energy Research’s Legacy Society.

IER Legacy Society members are investors who have included the Institute for Energy Research in their will or estate plans.

Being a member is a great way to build your legacy for freedom and ensure that your Institute for Energy Research has the resources available to continue the fight for affordable, abundant, and reliable energy now and for future generations to come.

Members of our society are recognized for their loyalty and tremendous generosity, and receive special benefits such as invites to IER sponsored events and a personalized plaque in our Washington, DC office memorializing their commitment to America’s future.

To join, you must include your Institute for Energy Research in your will or estate plans. Below you will find some sample language that can be used.

“I give and devise to the Institute for Energy Research (Tax ID #76-0149778), a non-profit, located in Washington, DC, the sum of $__________; or _________% of my estate to be used for its general support”.

Doing so will provide your Institute for Energy Research with the lasting resources to continue our fight for free-market energy policy, which is key to freedom and prosperity for all Americans.

Thank you for your interest in the Institute for Energy Research Legacy Society.

Together, we can build a legacy of prosperity fueled by American energy!

If you have questions about IER’s Legacy Society or would like to become a member, please contact Kris Daniel, Director of Development. Kris can be reached by phone at 202-621-2943 or by email at [email protected].

Membership benefits include:

  • Personalized plaque displayed at the entrance of our Washington, DC office,
  • Invites to IER sponsored events,
  • Regular media reports on the most current energy topics,
  • Advanced preview of major new initiatives and ongoing studies, and, most importantly,
  • The most effective and powerful free-market energy voice in America fighting for generations to come.
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