WASHINGTON DC (December 20, 2019) – The Institute for Energy Research (IER) applauded a ruling from the Department of Energy (DOE) today concerning General Service Incandescent Lamps, also known to average consumers and business owners as incandescent light bulbs.

DOE announced today it would maintain the current standards for incandescent light bulbs. As indicated in their ruling, DOE affirmed it is not allowed to increase energy efficiency standards unless doing so is economically justified – and in this case, DOE determined the costs outweigh the benefits.

According to DOE’s analysis, more stringent standards would raise the price of incandescent bulbs by 300 percent and the bulbs wouldn’t last long enough for consumers to recoup the higher, upfront cost. This may make incandescent light bulbs so expensive that no one would buy them, and potentially no one would manufacture them for U.S. consumers or businesses going forward. More stringent standards would effectively regulate incandescent light bulbs out of existence.

“This Administration will stop at nothing in its effort to make America great again, and that includes making light bulbs great again. The Department of Energy studied this issue extensively, determined the cost outweighed the benefits, and turned the lights out on a regulation that simply isn’t needed – what a refreshing concept coming out of Washington.”

“This is about following the rule of law and making a making a decision based on common sense and allowing consumers a choice. The ruling does not prohibit any cost-effective, innovative solutions for lighting, but it doesn’t outlaw the standard incandescent light bulb, either. When competition exists, free markets thrive and Americans win, every time. I applaud this rule because it puts innovation over government intervention in the marketplace.”

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