Washington, DC – In response to today’s announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that the Agency’s unelected bureaucrats will criminalize carbon in less than a year, Thomas J. Pyle, president of the nonpartisan Institute for Energy Research (IER) issued the following statement:

“This regulation will increase the cost of doing business in America, period. And when you increase the cost of doing business, you’re left with several possible outcomes: increased costs to consumers, job losses, companies moving offshore to business friendly countries—companies may even be forced to close up shop all together. None of these outcomes put folks back to work or aid in our economic recovery.

“Today’s announcement is pretty cut and dry, the EPA has put America on notice that in less than one year, they will begin to regulate the way we use energy. This process will place an added financial burden on nearly one million buildings and stationary sources that emit carbon – including power plants, nursing homes, schools and even drycleaners. Those added financial costs will undoubtedly be passed along to the consumer in the form of higher electricity bills, increased prices for goods and services and yes, even the possibility of a new tax on your dry cleaning.

“Make no mistake; this is the administration’s attempt to circumvent the legislative process and the will of the American people.”


March 29, 2010
Patrick Creighton: 202.621.2947
Laura Henderson: 202.621.2951

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