The federal government returned to work today after 4 ½ snow emergency days off. Ironically, the big storm in Washington cancelled both a Senate hearing on global warming and the formal announcement of a new global warming “Climate Service” agency. This week, Mother Nature threw a bit of cold water and snow on the federal government’s plans. But don’t think for a second the weather, or anything else, will stop the Obama Administration from pushing its anti-energy agenda.

The American People Favor New Offshore Drilling 2 to 1. When Will the Administration Listen?

Lost in the news stories about apocalyptic snowstorms in the Mid-Atlantic was a story that deserves more attention. The Obama Administration was finally forced to admit that the American people responded by a 2 to 1 margin in support of more domestic energy exploration and development.

The Obama Administration is trying to ignore the will of the people. We can’t let them.

This story only came to light because the pro-energy group American Solutions used the Freedom of Information Act to pry this information from the Administration’s clutches.

With your help, the Institute for Energy Research has been on the forefront of pushing for additional domestic energy development. In fact, 13,000 of you went to our website and sent an email to the Obama Administration voicing your support for more domestic energy production. Environmental groups are fighting back against the push for offshore energy development. But the power is in numbers: for every anti-energy advocate who sent comments to the Administration, two of you sent comments. We cannot let your voice go unheard and your will unnoticed.

We must keep up the pressure on the Obama Administration.

Because of you, the Administration is on notice. The American people want access to our domestic energy resources because they know increased exploration will create real jobs, supply us with abundant and affordable domestic energy, and even help reduce the deficit in the form of government royalties.

We hope the Administration’s freeze on offshore drilling with melt with the snow in Washington. We couldn’t have gotten this far without your help, but we can’t stop now. In the coming months we will continue to alert you of the Obama Administration’s plans for energy development and provide opportunities to help you make your voice heard.

What do you think about the Obama Administration’s offshore energy policy?

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