Stossel Prosperity and Its Enemies

Dear American Energy Freedom Supporter,

The Institute for Energy Research recently welcomed Fox Business News host, John Stossel, as the keynote speaker at our 2nd Annual luncheon in Houston, Texas.  While we named the luncheon “Prosperity and Its Enemies” months ago, we realized that current events in Washington and the Gulf Coast make that topic even more relevant today.

During his address to 370 energy freedom fighters like yourself, Stossel explained just how fortunate we Americans are to have access to affordable, reliable energy resources, and why we must continue to fight the anti-energy advocates who try to make energy more scarce and expensive.

Stossel reminded us that gasoline is still cheaper than bottled water even though oil is pumped from thousands of feet below the Earth’s crust, transported through thousands of miles of pipe or by ships, refined into gasoline, sent to fueling stations in trucks, and taxed by the government.

In response to the oil leak, President Obama put a new ban on drilling off the Gulf Coast, a move that effectively canceled 33 leases, killed thousands of jobs, and transferred even more power to foreign oil-producing nations. The rhetoric coming out of the White House and Congress is clear: affordable, reliable, and plentiful energy is going to face an onslaught of regulatory threats in the coming weeks.

Thanks to help from supporters like you, we will continue our fight against these burdensome and expensive regulations and policies.  We can’t, and won’t, let up now.


Tom Pyle
The Institute for Energy Research

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