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The federal government owns a great deal of valuable assets both above and below ground. The above ground assets include

January 17, 2013

 A recent analysis [.pdf] from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) made it appear as if there would be little benefit

September 11, 2012

“The United States holds only 2% of the planet’s proven oil reserves,” President Barack Obama[i] According to President Obama, the

March 13, 2012

In the State of the Union, President Obama touted a rise in U.S. oil and natural gas production. But he

February 1, 2012
July 1, 2011

Obama’s SPR Release

On Thursday, June 23 the Obama Administration, in conjunction with other governments, announced the release of 60 million barrels of

July 1, 2011

John Stossel recently wrote an intriguing op-ed about the perception that speculators are the cause of the spike in oil

May 17, 2011
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