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Washington, DC – In anticipation of President Barack Obama’s return from Asia, the free-market Institute for Energy Research (IER) today released and delivered a policy brief for the president and his advisors on China’s booming energy economy and growth.

Thomas J. Pyle, president of IER, issued this statement:

“By all accounts, the president’s trip to Asia was a successful one, and we welcome him home. However, it’s critical to highlight the commonsense energy policies that China is pursuing. Because of China’s aggressive pursuit for affordable, reliable and secure energy – of all forms – their nation continues to be one of the world’s most powerful economic engines. And our team of experts have prepared a compelling outline of ways the U.S. can learn from China and once again make energy a top priority in this country.

“China is manufacturing coal-fired power plants by the week, nuclear plants every few months, the largest hydro-electric dams on earth, windmills and solar panels for export, and securing up oil and gas reserves around the world. They understand that affordable energy is key to economic activity, growth and prosperity.

“Unfortunately, policymakers in Washington are working to increase the cost of energy and limit access to our most affordable resources while others work tirelessly to shut down our nation’s power plants, regardless if it results in the loss of jobs and higher energy costs. Litigation and inaction from federal bureaucracies continues to delay responsible offshore energy exploration. And while China is deploying next generation nuclear technologies, our government continues to say no to low-carbon nuclear energy.

“We hope someday that expensive and unreliable alternative and renewable energy forms can exist in the market place without significant taxpayer assistance and government mandates. And we hope the president reads this paper with an open mind.”

NOTE: Click HERE to view the briefing paper sent to the President today.


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