WASHINGTON — Institute for Energy Research President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on the Obama administration’s final offshore well control rule:

“President Obama’s regulatory approach continues to damage American consumers. Time after time, regulations are being used to keep America’s energy resources in the ground. This regulation is no different. Instead of producing oil here at home, where it’s done the safest in the world, the president is determined to keep Americans from using their own energy.

“While the boom in production on state and private lands has helped stave off some of the effects of the president’s regulations, the long-term impacts of his policies will be devastating. The president’s keep-it-in-the-ground agenda will undoubtedly raise energy costs on American families and put countless Americans out of work.

“Whether it’s this latest regulation, the anemic offshore leasing program, or the coal-leasing moratorium, the president has shown that his chief goal is to keep American energy–a key to our economic prosperity–in the ground. Keeping Americans from producing and using their own energy is bad government, bad energy policy, and a bad omen for the future of our nation.”


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