WASHINGTON D.C. — President Obama released today an executive order claiming to support safe and responsible development of unconventional domestic natural gas resources.  The order creates an interagency working group led by the chairman of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Ceclia Munoz, who formerly led the Center for Community Change and the Open Society Institute — two organizations with close ties to billionaire George Soros, ACORN, MoveOn, and other radical groups with a record of opposing the development of America’s organic fossil fuels.

IER Senior Vice President for Policy, Daniel Kish, issued the following statement in response to the executive order:

“If the president is serious about robust development of our vast natural gas resources, it is bemusing to learn that he has appointed an immigration advisor and community organizer with deep ties to George Soros to lead the effort. Natural gas production on federal lands is dropping under this administration, a fact that the non-partisan Energy Information Administration attributes in part to the regulatory difficulties faced by industry when seeking to access these resources.

“The natural gas production boom that is happening in the United States has occurred in spite of the president’s policies.  Private and state lands are experiencing record production, along with the job creation and low prices that are associated with our growing supply. Once again, the president is playing charades with the American public, pretending to support production he cannot stop and for which he cannot honestly take credit.  Meanwhile, he’s creating more labyrinthine regulatory hurdles and pointless councils led by someone whose only qualification is apparently her ties to George Soros.

“Again, the president’s failed solution to everything is more government. America does not need another White House council, but less intervention in the private sector, the states and the lives of hardworking men and women who have created this energy miracle.”


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