DOI Methane Rule Another Unnecessary Blow to America’s Affordable Energy Providers 

WASHINGTON – Institute for Energy Research President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on the Obama administration’s methane regulation:

“Even as parts of the country prepare to face a blizzard, this administration rolls out a plan designed to increase the cost of natural gas, which keeps millions of Americans safe, warm, and secure. The boom in natural gas production has not only kept energy costs low, but has also brought new life to America’s manufacturing sector—creating jobs for American families. DOI’s regulation threatens to reverse this progress by hindering production, raising energy costs, and killing jobs.

“Companies have every incentive to capture methane, as it is a valuable commodity. The industry is already reducing methane emissions on its own and doesn’t need the federal government to come in and tell them how to conduct their business. This isn’t about the climate or the environment. It’s about giving more control to the federal government and depriving Americans of their affordable and reliable energy resources.”

Click here to read IER’s comment on the “social cost of methane.”


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