August 10, 2009

One of the more controversial aspects of the Obama administration’s energy policy is something known as ‘cap and trade.’ Also known as ’emissions trading,’ it’s a plan that allows firms that pollute beyond a government standard to buy credits from firms that pollute less than the standard with the object being to keep the total amount of pollution below the government-set limits.

Proponents call it free market environmentalism, and during the 2008 Presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama said that under his leadership the U.S. would enter a cap and trade system to in order to limit global warming. Critics believe a government-operated cap and trade system gives the government too much control over how energy can be used, in effect rationing energy, making it both less plentiful and more expensive-neither of which would help our already struggling economy.

IER President Tom Pyle discusses cap and trade on the Jim Bohannon show.

August 10, 2009

Dan Kish on Russian drilling off the Florida Keys and the $10 billion US loan to Brazil to help them drill off their Atlantic shore. (1260AM WCHV Charlottesville, VA)

July 30, 2009

IER’s Dan Kish discussing cap and trade and the complications of green energy technology.

May 6, 2009

What is a free market? Why can’t there be “micro wind” energy like solar panels? Why will large scale wind turbine creation lead to job destruction? IER’s Rob Bradley discusses these questions on CNN Radio 1190 AM KFXR.

April 26, 2009

Why will cap and trade raise energy costs for the average American? What are the hidden costs of wind and solar power? These questions and more are addressed in this interview with IER’s Dan Kish on Hot Talk 560 KSFO.

April 15, 2009

Dan Kish explaining the process, results, and potential pitfalls of a cap and trade policy.

March 12, 2009

Robert Murphy on cap and trade; analysis, current developments, and consequences.

March 5, 2009

Dan Kish on The G. Gordon Liddy Show on wind energy’s feasibility and the recent attacks on coal energy.

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