Delaware Renewable Electricity Mandate Status

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Delaware renewable mandateRenewable Mandate Status: On Track

  • 2010 Qualified Renewable Generation: 5.5%[i]
  • 2010 Mandate: 5.5%
  • 2020 Mandate: 20%[ii]
  • 2025 Mandate: 25%

Eligible resources: solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, ocean or tidal, geothermal, fuel cell powered by renewable fuels, combustion of gas from organic material, hydroelectric below 30MW, biomass, methane gas from landfill[iii]

Compliance schedule: divided according to Schedule I (general renewable energy), Schedule II (wholesale renewable energy purchased for Standard Offer Service), and a solar photovoltaics requirement[iv]:

[table id=7 /]

Renewable Portfolio History: S.B. 74 established original RPS in 2005 requiring retail electricity suppliers to purchase 10% of load sold in the state from renewable sources by 2019. S.B. 17 in 2007 increased RPS target to 20% by 2019–20 of which 2.005% must come from solar photovoltaics.[v] Municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives allowed to opt-out if they establish a voluntary green power program as well as a green energy fund[vi].

  • Suppliers receive 300% credit for in-state customer-sited PV generation and fuel cells installed on or before Dec. 31, 2014.[vii]
  • 150% credit for wind turbines sited in Delaware on or before Dec. 31, 2012[viii].
  • 350% credit for offshore wind facilities sited before May 31, 2017[ix].

Credit Trading: Yes

Noncompliance penalty: Penalties begin at $25/MWh, but failure to comply in consecutive years increases it to $50, and then $80 on the third year. [x] There is an additional solar alternative compliance payment for the solar carve out of $250 per MWh deficiency.[xi]

Electricity Price Ranking: 13th Highest[xii]

  • 11.88 cents/KWh in Delaware
  • 7.67 cents/KWh in non-mandated states

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