Minnesota Renewable Electricity Mandate Status

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Renewable Mandate Status: On Track

  • 2009 Estimated Qualified Renewable Generation: 13%[i]
  • 2010 Renewable Mandate: 15%
  • 2025 Renewable Mandate: 25%, 30% (Xcel Energy)

Eligible resources: solar, wind, hydroelectric facilities less than 100 MW, hydrogen, biomass, and municipal solid waste[ii]

  • Xcel Energy must meet 25% of its standard from wind or solar by 2020 with a maximum of 1% from solar.[iii]

Compliance Schedules:

[table id=16 /]

Renewable Portfolio History: Originally had a non-mandated renewable energy objective. Enacted RPS in February 2007 (a standard for Xcel and a separate standard for all other electric utilities); this legislation also set another non-mandated “good faith” goal of 1% by 2005 and 7% by 2010[iv].

Credit Trading: Yes (with limitations)

Noncompliance penalty: The Minnesota Public Utility Commission “may order the electric utility to construct facilities, purchase energy generated by eligible energy technology, purchase renewable energy credits, or engage in other activities to achieve compliance.”[v]

Electricity Price Ranking: 18th Lowest[vi]

  • 8.06 cents/KWh in Minnesota
  • 7.67 cents/KWh in non-mandated states

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