New Hampshire Renewable Electricity Mandate Status

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new hampshire electricity mandateRenewable Mandate Status: Not on Track

  • 2009 Qualified Renewable Generation: 2.54%[i]
  • 2009 Renewable Mandate: 6%
  • 2025 Renewable Mandate: 23.8%

Eligible resources per class:

  • Class I (new resources): wind, geothermal, hydrogen derived from biomass fuels or methane, wave/tidal, methane, biomass, solar hot water heating systems, Class II and Class III sources not used to satisfy mandate for those classes, incremental new electricity production from biomass source or methane source or hydroelectric generating facilities[ii]
  • Class II: new solar resources in operation after January 1, 2006[iii]
  • Class III (existing biomass/methane): production of electricity from biomass or methane facilities operating prior to January 1, 2006[iv]
  • Class IV (existing small hydroelectric): production of electricity from hydroelectric facilities with capacity of 5 MW or below and in operation prior to January 1, 2006[v]

Compliance schedule for each class:

[table id=21 /]

Renewable portfolio history: RPS enacted in May 2007 under H.B. 873.[vi]

Credit Trading: Yes

Noncompliance penalty: If the electricity providers do not meet their renewable requirements, they must pay an alternative compliance payment of $60.93 per MWh (for Class I renewables).[vii]

Electricity Price Ranking: 5th Highest[viii]

  • 14.58 cents/KWh in New Hampshire
  • 7.67 cents/KWh in non-mandated States

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