Oklahoma Renewable Electricity Mandate Status

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oklahoma renewable electricity mandateRenewable Goal Status: Unknown

  • 2009 Renewable Percentage: not known according George Kiser of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (Estimated: 3.1%[1])..
  • 2015 Renewable Goal: 15% of generation

Eligible Resources: wind, solar, hydropower, hydrogen, geothermal, biomass, and other resources approved by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission[2]

  • Energy efficiency may be used to meet up to 25% of the goal[3].
  • Unlike other states, Oklahoma law does not require utilities to demonstrate compliance using REC’s. Instead, utilities must file reports showing total KWh’s generated and the respective sources[4].

Renewable Portfolio History: Adopted May 27, 2010[5].

Credit Trading: No

Electricity Price Ranking: 11th Lowest[6]

  • 7.28 cents/KWh in Oklahoma
  • 10.58 cents/KWh in mandated states

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