South Dakota Renewable Electricity Mandate Status

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Renewable Goal Status: Not on Track

  • 2009 Qualified Renewable Percentage: Effectively 0% (2,034 MW / 10,503,298 MW)[1]
  • 2015 Renewable Goal: 10% of retail sales

Renewable portfolio history: In 2008, South Dakota passed HB 1123 that established a voluntary objective of 10% by 2015. However, Utilities must give annual reports on their progress.[2] For renewable and recycled energy, the objective is measured by qualifying megawatt-hours (MWh) delivered at retail or by certificates representing credits purchased and retired to offset non-qualifying retail sales. With conserved energy, the objective will be measured by methods established by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission (PUC).[3]

Credit Trading: Yes

Noncompliance penalty: None

Electricity Price Ranking: 15th Lowest[4]

  • 7.5 cents/KWh
  • 10.58 cents/KWh in mandated states

[1] According to Brian Rounds of the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, however, most utilities are “banking their credits for further use.”

[2]South Dakota Legislature, 2009; Chapter 49-34A-104;

[3] [3] Database of state Incentives for Renewables and Electricity, South Dakota,

[4] EIA, Electric Power Monthly, Table 5.6.B., Average Retail Price of Electricity, June 2010, Released Sept. 15, 2010,

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