Stop Wasting Our Taxpayer Dollars

The US Navy is lavishing your money on luxury biofuels and this wasteful spending is harming our national security. Spending nearly $27 a gallon is wasteful and threatens our national security by needlessly driving up our national debt.

Recently, the US Navy tested exotic biofuels[1] on a carrier strike group in the Pacific Ocean, requiring the purchase of 450,000 gallons of  “fuels” made from chicken fat and algae at a cost of nearly $27 a gallon to US taxpayers.  At a time when American military strength is being deployed to fight terrorist networks around the world and the Defense Department is facing deep budget cuts, the timing of this “Great Green Fleet” exercise couldn’t be worse.

If you support affordable energy and oppose wasteful “green” biofuels, Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus needs to hear your voice today. Use the form below to send a clear message to Washington that it’s time to stop wasting your taxpayer dollars: 


[1] Defense Professionals, RIMPAC 2012 to Feature More Participants, Biofuel Use, June 28, 2012,

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