Freedom is Under Attack and We Need Your Help

Dear Friends,

Freedom is under attack.  For years, ultra liberal politicians, activists and the media elite have dominated the debate on energy and environmental policies.  Now liberals in Congress are dangerously close to turning their agenda into law. Threatening free markets – sending energy costs into the stratosphere and destroying America’s global competitiveness.

The time to fight is now.  The Institute for Energy research -using the power of the internet, paid advertising and earned media is injecting truth into the energy policy discussions.

If you’ve been frustrated with Congress lately, you’re not alone.  And we need your help.

With four dollar gas and rising home-heating bills, Americans deserve greater access to the energy resources they own.

But some politicians still say that producing more of our own energy won’t help; that it would take too long; and that new taxes and government programs are the answer.

That’s the wrong approach.

Congress needs to understand that government isn’t the answer.  It’s the problem.

Will you answer the call – and join the fight?

Please make your secure online contribution below. Thank you for your generous support of the Institute for Energy Research.

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