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Carbon Border Adjustment Policy Brief

Summary A carbon border adjustment is a tax on imports based on their assumed greenhouse gas emissions. Because carbon taxes harm domestic business competitiveness, carbon border adjustments are used to...

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April 2022

Kenny Stein’s Testimony to Congress on Electrifying USPS

Kenny Stein
March 2022

Tom Pyle to Congress: Government Energy Mandates Raising Prices

October 2021

Biden's Afghanistan Crisis: Forfeiting U.S. Investment in Critical Minerals to the Taliban

Mary J Hutzler
October 2021

IER’s Mary Hutzler Testifies on Supply and Geopolitical Implications of Taliban Control of Critical, Rare Earth Minerals

February 2021

China and the Rare Earth Supply Chain Policy Brief

May 2019

IER's Kenny Stein Testifying Today on Solar and Wind Technologies

Erin Amsberry