WASHINGTON D.C. —  A survey released today by the Institute for Energy Research concludes that voters overwhelmingly oppose a carbon tax, understand that such a tax will increase energy prices, and know that the idea of a tax swap is ridiculous. IER President Thomas J. Pyle said the following:

“These survey results are further proof that voters are wiser than many people in Washington. Voters know that a carbon tax will raise energy prices, will damage the economy, will hurt the poor and those on fixed incomes the most, and, if enacted, will result in higher taxes rather than some sort of tax swap. The fact that 67% of the respondents oppose a carbon tax is encouraging; it means that voters have not been deceived by those who favor imposing an energy tax.”

“Much like the cap and trade charade, I look forward to joining forces with the majority of the American people to defeat the creation of and imposition of a job-killing, economy-wrecking carbon tax.”

Highlights of the survey:

  • 78% agree that a carbon tax will increase energy prices.
  • 69% agree that a carbon tax will fall hardest on the poor, the elderly, and those on fixed incomes.
  • 77% agree that a carbon tax will lead to them paying more for gasoline and electricity.
  • 58% disagree that a carbon tax will lead to economic growth.

The survey was conducted by MWR Strategies in December 2012 among 1000 registered voters.  It has a margin of error of 3.1%.

To see the results of the survey, click here (PDF).


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