WASHINGTON, DC – In response to news reports announcing the death of economy-destroying, job-killing legislation to cap carbon, Institute for Energy Research (IER) President Thomas J. Pyle released the following statement.

“Over the last several years, Congress has repackaged, renamed and rebranded carbon capping legislation. Executives, lawmakers and lobbyists spent untold hours crafting backroom deals and special interest carve outs. Anti-energy activists protested, threatened and twisted arms. But still, the American people saw through their efforts and fought back. And despite the extreme makeovers–from cap-and-trade to carbon pricing to carbon caps—the national energy tax is finally dead…for now.

“Today’s announcement is proof positive that Congress does itself no favors if it underestimates the American people. We won’t be fooled by Capitol Hill spin or marketing schemes—especially when it comes to our families’ budgets, jobs or the health of the economy. Across the country, as Americans made their voices heard, Congress finally listened.”

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