This week, the Navy embarked on a costly and pointless exercise—using “advanced” biofuels that cost $26 per galon in some naval exercises. At a time when the federal budget and military budgets are tight, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus claims that it is important to spend millions of dollars on an exotic biofuel to “enhance our national security.” That is ridiculous. Spending $26 a gallon on exotic biofuel does not “enhance natural security” as it reduces our security by wasting taxpayer’s dollars on yet another renewable boondoggle and diverts funds from necessary readiness.

Nonetheless, Mabus has ordered naval exercises in the Pacific using “advanced” biofuel. The Navy will be running a fleet of warships, including the accompanying jet planes and helicopters, on a 50-50 mixture of conventional fuel and biofuel. The fuel for this exercise cost the Navy around $12 million, but that is just a small portion of what the Obama administration has spent and will spend on the development of biofuels technology.

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