WASHINGTON — Institute for Energy Research President Thomas Pyle released the following statement in response to Gina McCarthy’s confirmation as the next administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency:

“With the confirmation of Gina McCarthy as administrator for the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the President’s second term energy team has taken full form. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) is to be commended for achieving greater transparency from the agency regarding its formation and enforcement of environmental regulations. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the American people are better served when federal bureaucrats are held accountable through full, open, and honest oversight.

“Doubtlessly, Gina McCarthy will continue to execute the President’s war on affordable energy, and the administration has announced plans to arm her with a new arsenal of regulatory authorities. The Institute for Energy Research will continue to monitor the EPA, ever mindful that the number one concern of the American people is improving the economy through development of our abundant domestic energy resources.”


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