WASHINGTON — The Institute for Energy Research submitted a comment today on the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed federal regulation for hydraulic fracturing on Indian and Federal lands. The comment states:

“The BLM draft rule to regulate hydraulic fracturing on federal and Indian Lands is duplicative, costly, and unnecessary. There is no need for the federal government to regulate hydraulic fracturing, as it is already regulated in the states where it is occurring. Furthermore, excessive red tape imposed by federal regulations has already led to falling oil and natural gas production on federal lands. New hydraulic fracturing regulations further imperil energy production.

“Hydraulic fracturing has been used safely on more than one million wells for over 60 years without one confirmed case of groundwater contamination. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell echoed this point when she remarked that ‘fracking has been done safely for decades.’  Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson also admitted, ‘I am not aware of any proven case where the fracking process has affected water, although there are investigations ongoing.’ Just last week, EPA ended one of these investigations in Pavillion, Wyoming after once again it failed to find proof that hydraulic fracturing had contaminated groundwater…”

To read the full comment, click here.



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