IER President Thomas Pyle visited last Thursday, April 26th, with Jan Mickelson on the Mickelson in the Morning show, where he discussed America’s vast energy potential and the government policies that are inflating the price of energy and restricting access to oil, coal, and natural gas supplies. An excerpt from Pyle’s interview:

“We can control our own destiny. We have 200 years of oil available to us right now at today’s prices and today’s technology. We can get that oil if we had an administration that let us.  And we’re not talking about drilling next to the Washington Monument or on the West Lawn of the White House. We’re only leasing on 3 percent of the federal land, including offshore. The federal government is the largest land owner in the United States.”

To read Thomas Pyle’s op-ed, “Iowa: Welcome to the $4 Gallon of Gas Club,” click here.

To listen to Thomas Pyle’s recent interview on Mickelson in the Morning, click here.


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