Regulation is EPA’s Latest Effort to Control America’s Energy Production 

WASHINGTON — Institute for Energy Research President Thomas Pyle issued the following statement on the Obama administration’s methane regulations:

“President Obama’s methane regulations are a solution in search of a problem. Methane is essentially natural gas, a valuable product that provides heat and electricity to millions of American families and businesses. Companies are already reducing methane emissions on their own because they are responsible, and to do otherwise would be leaving money on the table.

“America’s oil and natural gas boom has lowered prices, created jobs, and been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise sluggish economy. This regulation is an attempt to stymie that production by driving up production costs and creating more hoops for American producers to jump through.

“As with much of the president’s climate agenda, these methane regulations aren’t about the climate at all, but rather about extending the reach of the federal government. It’s about power, not pollution. If recent events are any indicator, giving more power to EPA doesn’t necessarily yield positive results. Just ask the citizens who live near and depend on the Animas River.”


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