IER Dissects Renewable Energy Mandates in the States

WASHINGTON – The Institute for Energy Research (IER) today released a comprehensive new study, The Status of Renewable Electricity Mandates in the States, which examines the status and impacts of state-based renewable electricity mandates. IER’s study found that in states with renewable energy mandates, the deadlines are frequently not being met, they are expensive to consumers, and hostile to job creation.  To view an interactive map that illustrates the study’s findings, visit this link.

Author of the study and IER’s Director of State and Regulatory Affairs, Daniel Simmons, made the following comments:

“As some policymakers promote a Federal Renewable Energy Mandate, it is important to consider the success and consequences of similar mandates in the states. This study teaches us a few valuable lessons: first, that the mandates vary greatly from state to state, making it extremely difficult to impose a uniform one-size-fits all Federal mandate; second, that the mandates or goals are on track in only 14 of 36 states; and finally, and most importantly, these mandates are expensive and result in job losses.

“When you consider the facts in this new study, it is important to ask proponents of a Federal Renewable Energy Mandate the following questions:

1.      Do we want the government to create an overreaching federal policy that has been tested and proven unsuccessful at the state level?
2.      Do we want the government to make electricity more expensive?
3.      Do we want the government to destroy more jobs?”

Not all renewable energy sources count as “renewable” under a Federal Renewable Energy Mandate. IER released a separate interactive chart today that shows each state’s current renewable generation and the percentage that counts under a mandate, as a supplement to the study.

A brief summary of the study is available here. To schedule an interview with Daniel Simmons, please contact Laura Brewer at 202-380-5758.

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