WASHINGTON — IER President Thomas Pyle released the following statement after Senate Environment and Public Works Republicans released a new report on EPA fraudster John Beale:

“The EPW Committee report shines a spotlight squarely where it belongs. John Beale was not just some run-of the mill EPA worker who ripped off the government and whose antics became the butt of jokes in the late night circuit. Beale helped transform the mission of the agency from protecting the environment to using the environment as a tool to advance a political and ideological agenda. Beale masterminded a whole new way for EPA to—as he said—‘modify the DNA of the capitalist system’ and ram regulations through the normal checks and balances to achieve an end, regardless of their costs to Americans or the Rule of Law.

“Not only was Beale able to rise to the highest levels of the EPA with no prior environmental experience, but he and Robert Brenner were the architects of EPA’s ‘Playbook’, a system in which the agency uses sue-and-settle tactics and secret science to abuse the regulatory process and skirt transparency. Today’s news calls into question the entire structure of the agency and any regulations that stem from Beale and Brenner’s work at the EPA. It also raises questions about whether Beale was simply getting ‘time off for good behavior’ from the brass at EPA, including Administrator McCarthy.”

To read IER’s report, “Dirty Business at the EPA”, click here.


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