This week the team highlights new articles focusing on how energy will factor into the 2020 presidential election, new data showing the lack of connection between COVID-19 inspired lockdowns and air pollution, the reason why America’s withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is a boon to American energy producers and consumers, and Ohio’s plan for Lake Erie’s first offshore wind farm. Additionally, Alex Stevens gives a brief overview of new technology that is allowing natural gas drillers to capture even more gas from wells.


• ARTICLE Biden Pushes Ahead on Climate Change Policies Despite Pandemic Recession

• ARTICLE Despite Traffic Decrease, Coronavirus Lockdowns Did Not Reduce Air PollutioN As Expected

• ARTICLE Energy Freedom vs. Paris Agreement

• ARTICLE Lake Erie Wind Project Gets Approval from Ohio 

• ARTICLE Technology Arrives to Capture Stranded Gas

• BLOG IER’s latest analysis of COVID-19’s impacts on world energy


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