by Robert Bradley, Jr.
CEO and Founder, The Institute for Energy Research


Energy is uniquely essential to modern life and human progress; it is the master resource.  This book describes how the ultimate resource, the human mind, has harnessed energy to meet the world’s increasing needs.  Throughout history, human knowledge, creativity, and sweat have overcome technical, resource, and environmental challenges to convert energy into useful work.  The authors persuasively argue that given the right incentives, inventive people will make energy’s future even brighter than the past.  

energy book


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Basics

Chapter 2: Using Energy (Part I, Part II)

Chapter 3: Efficiency – Technical and Economic

Chapter 4: Will We Run Out of Energy?

Chapter 5: Energy and the Environment

Chapter 6: Energy and Climate Change

Chapter 7: Energy for the Future


Appendix A: Energy Timeline

Appendix B: The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom

Appendix C: The Butterfly Effect

Appendix D: Oil Production from 1970 through 2003

Appendix E: Units (Conversions, Prefixes, and Heat Contents)

Appendix F: Complete Figure Sources